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November 08, 2016

[Webinar] Data Driven Enforcement - Risks of Open Payments and Medicare Part D Data


On Monday, November 14th, 2016, qordata is hosting a webinar on the topic, ‘Data Driven Enforcement – Risks of Open Payments and Medicare Part D Data’ at 11am CST. The webinar aims to provide a review of the cases against Insys Therapeutics Inc., and analyze the data that prosecutors used as part of the allegations against the manufacturer. The speakers of the webinar, Brian A. Dahl, Principal, Dahl Compliance Consulting LLC, and Mohammad Ovais, Founder & CEO, qordata, will also discuss the ways in which compliance teams can analyze publicly available Open Payments and Medicare Part D data to avoid risks of kickback violations.

The webinar hopes to provide attendees with a working knowledge of: how to analyze spend data from Open Payments and prescriptions from Medicare Part D to highlight certain high risk physicians, some key similarities in high risk physicians that compliance should be aware of and stay on top of, and information on how to reduce compliance risks within your organization. 


The webinar will start with a review of the cases filed against Insys Therapeutics Inc., and how publicly available Open Payments and Medicare Part D was used by investigators to place allegations on the manufacturer. From there, the discussion will turn to the importance of and how manufacturers can evaluate their spend data prior to CMS submission and how high risk physicians can be identified using spend and prescription data.


Attendees of the webinar will get to hear from Brian A. Dahl, Principal, Dahl Compliance Consulting LLC, and Mohammad Ovais, Founder & CEO, qordata.


We encourage our readers to consider attending, as Chief Compliance Officers, Directors of Compliance, Managers of Compliance, Compliance Analysts, and Compliance Specialists, among others, have the potential to greatly benefit from this webinar. If you are interested in the webinar, you can register for free HERE.

November 02, 2016

MedPAC November Public Meeting to Review 2015 Open Payments Data


The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) an advisory board to the U.S. Congress, has announced a November public meeting, held November 3-4, 2016, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. The meeting will focus on a variety of topics, including the Open Payments program and the way CMS collects data from drug and device manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) on their financial relationships with physicians and teaching hospitals.

With regard to Open Payments, MedPAC notes that during 2015, manufacturers and GPOs reported making roughly $7.5 billion in payments and other transfers of value to over 600,000 physicians and over 1,100 teaching hospitals. The data includes payments for royalties, consulting, promotional speeches, research, and other activities, along with physicians’ ownership interests in manufacturers and GPOs. MedPAC staff will present results from their analysis of the new 2015 data, and will ask Commissioners to provide feedback on the analysis.

The agenda meeting can be found here, and includes topics such as: stand-alone emergency departments; payments from drug and device manufacturers to physicians and teaching hospitals, 2015; determining benchmarks and beneficiary premiums under a premium support system for Medicare; and Medicare Advantage: calculating benchmarks and coding intensity.

The meeting will provide several opportunities for public comment (two fifteen minute opportunities on November 3, and one fifteen minute opportunity on November 4), though comments are also accepted through email beginning roughly one week before the meeting and for one week thereafter.

November 01, 2016

ACCME Announces Inaugural “Expanded Educational” Meeting


ACCME has announced its inaugural expanded educational event, which will take place April 24 through 27, 2017, at the Loews Chicago Hotel. The event promises to celebrate the CME community’s achievements and provide inspiration as participants work together to shape the future of accredited CME.

The ACCME 2017 Meeting will offer numerous opportunities to engage with ACCME staff, expert faculty, and colleagues to give attendees tools and tactics for positioning their CME program as a strategic partner in healthcare improvement initiatives. The meeting will bring together participants from a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations – as a larger group, as well as in small, hands-on sessions – to share best practices in education, create action plans to drive innovation, explore opportunities for alignment among continuing professional development systems, and develop strategies to advance CME’s contributions to healthcare improvement.

The meeting will provide opportunities for attendees to create action plans to maximize your CME program’s effectiveness, drive innovation, and leverage educational technology; as well as discover new strategies for implementing ACCME’s new commendation criteria and advancing CME’s contributions to healthcare improvement. Participants will leave ACCME 2017 with new insights and practical strategies that will help to further the role of CME as a transformative tool for your organization.

What Does Registration Include?

Registration includes three keynote sessions, your choice of varied breakout sessions (i.e., strategy sessions, case study sessions, and “Ask the Expert” sessions), a Public Health Fair and a Health Professions “Open House,” breakfast and lunch on all three days, all meeting materials, access to Wi-Fi in the meeting space, and a Welcome Reception.

There is also a pre-conference session – ACCME’s Starting Point: An Introduction to Accreditation. The pre-conference session will take place on the afternoon of Monday, April 24th, and is open to attendees for an additional registration fee. Registration for that session also includes lunch, and is aimed to provide those new to CME with an introduction to the ACCME’s foundational requirements.

If you are interested in attending, you can register here. Space is limited, so ACCME is encouraging those who wish to be a part of this inaugural event as soon as possible.  


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