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April 27, 2016

Polaris Awarded Largest Pharmaceutical Compliance Technology Project

2016 has gotten off to a pretty good start for Polaris. In mid-April, the company finalized its third major deal of 2016: winning the largest contract in life science compliance technology history. The Polaris Global Compliance Platform was selected by three life science manufacturers to manage Health Care Professional and Health Care Organization interactions, from needs assessment through to transparency reporting.

The three companies will be able to compliantly automate many interactions, such as: advisory boards, consulting arrangements, speaker programs, grants and donations, investigator research, and other HCP/HCO interactions. The processes that are covered include: needs assessment, HCP/HCO identification and due diligence, approvals, contracting, regulatory notification, reconciliation, and transparency reporting. Transparency reporting is a broad category, including reporting under laws such as the Sunshine Act, individual United States state rules, EFPIA, France, etc.

The Polaris Global Compliance Solution integrates Polaris' four core software products. The fully hosted Software as a Service solution can integrate will all major corporate systems, including ERPs (SAP, Oracle, JDE, etc.) Customer Masters, CRM tools, Single Sign-On and others. Polaris has support teams to ensure that the systems are implemented properly around the world, and that clients are satisfied.

Polaris takes pride in the fact that the Global Compliance Platform has a "focus on flexibility, scalability, usability and enhanced business process effectiveness."

Andy Bender, Founder and President of Polaris, stated, "When I founded Polaris in 2001, I had a sense that significant changes were on the horizon for the worlds of healthcare and compliance. By partnering with Marc Eigner and brilliant experts in legal, technology and software, we have been able to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare compliance, consistently delivering innovative solutions to the tough global challenges the industry faces."


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