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March 24, 2014


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With the cost of medical care continue to rise faster than the GNP the general policy has been in an effort to lower costs that we should follow the lead of insurers, hospital administrators, and policy wonks. This associate with elimination of fee-for-service and increasing percentage of doctors now on salary, and this coupled with the elimination of the free clinics the free hospital are associated with increasing medical care costs of decreasing the quality of care. These all are occurring while the doctors incomes have been falling.
What sense is there to encourage doctors to work less time by encouraging a 40 hour work week or less. This then associated with the policy of giving money to the insurance companies to hold for those who have had insurance in the past or who have not had medical insurance in the past. This does not seem to be "rocket science" and seems to be associated with a progressive decline in medical care based upon the expectations of all including the young doctors.

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