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April 23, 2013

Global Patient Groups Rank Pharmaceutical Companies

Corporate Reputation

FiercePharma reported a recent survey done by PatientView, which measured the corporate reputation of pharma companies in Germany, Italy, the UK, and the U.S.  The survey, based on the opinions of 600 patient groups worldwide, showed that patients in Germany and Italy are much less cynical about the industry than U.S. patients. 

Almost two-thirds (63%) of patient groups in the U.S. opined that pharma’s reputation declined last year.  Only one-third of Italian groups had the same opinion, while 37% of German groups did.  U.K. patient organizations topped Germany by only three percentage points, with 40% seeing pharma's reputation on a negative trajectory. 

More than half of Italian respondents (52%) said pharma has a good--or even excellent--reputation, PatientView found, largely above the 34% worldwide. 

The Germans were less impressed; only 30% assessed pharma's rep as good or excellent.  While German groups give pharma high marks for making high-quality products, they weren't impressed with the industry's ethics. Only 14% see pharma's marketing practices as ethical, and only 14% say the industry acts with integrity.

Still, U.S. respondents were more critical. Only 4% figure pharma's reputation improved last year, compared with 21% worldwide. Less than half gave pharma good marks for patient safety.  And the industry even earned low marks for innovation, with only half of U.S. groups seeing the industry as innovative. 

Countries also ranked individual companies: Bayer came in first in the U.S., followed by a tie between AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly.  Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, ranked highest in Germany, with Abbott and Roche (in second and third). U.S.-based Pfizer topped out in Italy, with Novartis and Roche next.  Pfizer was also ranked number one in the U.K.  Here are the links to the main page plus each country’s report: 

-       Germany

-       Italy

-       U.K.

-       U.S.A.

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