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February 06, 2013


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Knowing how nervous the pharmaceutical industry is about image, these regulations are sure to create an unemployment spike in the hospitality industry. Just another example of how our government is working hard to keep unemployment high. The pharmaceutical industry will cut back on physician entertainment, if for no other reason than to avoid the accounting nightmare this legislation brings, and low income employees at restaurants, cab companies, hotels, airlines and the industries that service them will get laid off work. This is just another example of the Democratic Party loving the "working man" right out of a job. It is just to bad these poor people won't even know why they lost their job and are now standing in an unemployment line. What amazes me more is that an intelligent man like the President does not have the foresight to see this will happen. Or perhaps he does, but just doesn't care. This is another example of "good intentions" that are terribly flawed in their final outcome. It seems we now live in the "People's Republic of America". Shall we all expect a visit from the "Secret Police" or the "Commissar"? Will violators be sent away to government "re-education camps" and made to denounce their "evil ways"? As for me, words like "compliance", "sunshine", and "transparency" all sound like something out of a George Orwell novel or a communist totalitarian state. Why not just place secret cameras in the physician lounge so you can keep track of exactly who take a donut? These regulations are all a horrific waste of time and money in a country that is heading rapidly for third world status.

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