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April 26, 2012


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CME providers need to read and re-read this post. The future of effective CME is inextricably linked with Quality/Performance Improvement. CME providers should learn and integrate QI/PI processes into their own CME operation. What better place to proficient using these tools and techniques. What better way to be effective in assisting physicians to integrate QI practices into their healthcare settings than to have done it effectively in your own work environment. Sadly, my experience with most CME providers is the same as that reported about many physicians. They don't learn it and they don't use it.

Here is an idea. How about requiring physicians to participation in PI CME initiatives to earn the Physicians Recognition Award? Similarly, how about requiring CCMEP's to participate in and report a QI/PI initiative as a requirement for Maintenance of Certification?

A recent article from the American College of Physicians look at new models of continuing medical education (CME), which seek not only to impart knowledge but to change physicians’ behavior and even play a role in facilitating organizational improvement. These CME models thus share some of the same basic goals as the field of quality improvement (QI), namely behavioral change and systems redesign to improve patient outcomes.

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