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March 27, 2012


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Pharmaceutical companies are having a hard time sorting out this conflict of interest issue. So if I buy Norco as a pain killer, would I have to think twice about it because pharmaceutical companies are hiding different things from the consumers? How do I keep the trust I have for my medicines to work if they have this issue? Just a thought from an average consumer.

As Congress begins debating the PDUFA/MDUFA re-authorization, pharmaceutical companies have been lobbying to remove these conflict of interest policies at the FDA. Recently, we've seen a number of bills proposed that would strip this from the agency. A new analysis came out this morning showing that over the last three years, the pharmaceutical drug and medical device industry has spent $700 million in lobbying expenses - dwarfing all other industries. A blog post on the analysis can be found here: http://blog.ucsusa.org/money-talks-and-what-its-saying-may-harm-the-fda.

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