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August 16, 2011


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Alternative? ... alternative to whom is never involve in the others culture or knowledge.
Its impossible to those who did not knowabout to judge (the )others culture or belives. Nevertheless if they were professors in modern sscinces!
In Islamic relgion there were some Definitives structions , it governs - among other things - the diseases & the way of getting rid of it - as-shifaa . Here comes Herbs & Bees Honey , as stratigic safe ,rich, sources to all medicaments as well as nutrition.
Here comes the golden say:( The best medicine, is that covers nutrition needs , and the best food, is that covers medication needs.)
Historically for both mankind& his livestock, nothing stands for both nutrition&medication like what herbs dose!
Finally , Bees honey deveoped out of herbal sources!

If others are of nothing in such belifth or knowledge,this will not means the current medicine is the best or the bioneer one ,For Islamic culture historically came first ...
But the progress,preference or Excellence will cot be of fair justice valus if other compititors are excluded.

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