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July 07, 2010

Massachusetts Code of Conduct: Repeal Passes The State House

As part of the state economic stimulus package, tonight the Massachusetts state house passed a repeal of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Code of Conduct  referred to as the “gift ban”.  Amendments to keep the gift ban law in place were defeated.

From here the bill goes to a House - Senate conference committee.  According to William Mandell, JD a legal expert on the Massachusetts law “the real battle will take place as the Senate President Therese Murray wants to save C. 111N as she was its main sponsor”.   President’s Murray’s original proposal included jail time for physicians who accepted anything of value from pharmaceutical and device manufactures.

Passage of the bill shows a commitment from the Massachusetts house Democrats to economic development and exposes the actual harm that the law has caused on the Massachusetts economy.

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"At last common sense prevails. "

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