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April 14, 2010

Bob Franks - Legislator and Advocate for Innovation (1951 - 2010)

This past weekend, Robert Franks, former US Congressman and New Jersey State Assemblyman passed away from a battle with cancer.  Bob was a young man 58 and will be remembered for his leadership with the Healthcare Institute of New Jersey.

I first met Bob in the summer of 1987, at the time he was in the New Jersey State Legislature and was placed in charge by State Senator Chuck Hardwick of the Republican efforts to take over the Assembly and State Senate. 

At the time no one gave them a chance and against all odds they won.   He worked tirelessly in the policital operation that at the time was based in the basement of his town house and the hot atic of a former school house (not the conditions often portrayed in the media).

He went on to serve four terms in Congress and ran for US Senate against John Corzine only loosing narrowly. 

He was very active in the resurgance of the New Jersey Republican party with the election of Chris Christie. 

He served as President of the Health Care Council from 2001 until his death protecting the life science industry of New Jersey and promotion innovation.

He always had amazing energy , and full of life.  He made a difference.

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